The RESPONDER Tactical Outerwear System

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Introducing RESPONDER

Street Smart | Trail Wise

Authentic Design

With 25 years of industry leading military and tactical design underneath us, honoring heritage and our First Responders of all types was the driving influence and inspiration for our design. The Responder is an integrated two-piece system that will have your back while exploring the urban jungle and beyond.

Lifetime Warranty

We are so sure of our material durability and highest quality of construction that we do the unheard of for apparel and back our words with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our materials are proven tough and will withstand the rigors of daily use.

Battle-Tested Materials

We are proud to partner with industry leaders to bring you best-in-class branded materials. We are all about performance and our fabrics have proven themselves on the battlefield where performance, comfort, and durability trump all else.

Fit Matters

After 25 years of apparel design and manufacturing, we have learned a thing or two about fit. It's simple… the world doesn't conveniently all conform to standard sizes. We are about to disrupt all of that and break barriers with an all new industry first size platform.

Available in Men's and Women's sizes
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