Design Lab: Army Duffel Redux

AMABILIS DESIGN LAB uncovers the apparel and gear that are candidates to become your next daily go-to items. We examine every nuance of a product, test it, redesign it, iterate for months and sometimes even years until it passes our strict standards for reliable durability, comfort and style.

Maybe it’s a little funny to care so much about a concept bag’s zipper feel or dog tag’s chain length and how it dangles from the handle. But craftsmen are a little funny like that, so we have given ourselves completely to the task. The more we focus on the details, the more momentum we build to raise the standards of excellence and the more fans we accumulate.

We know the value of your EDC (everyday carry) gear and go-to items. These are products that you need to count on for everyday use and to withstand harsh conditions when challenges arise. We are on a mission to reimagine and bring to market exceptional apparel and gear. We respect and borrow what works from the classics and evolve the rest.

One our first design tasks: revision the classic Army duffel. Here is our approach to the new duffel:


It is urgent for us that our customers trust in our products as daily go-to items. That is why we test AMABILIS apparel and gear in harsh outdoor conditions, where our products will likely never need to protect our customers in their daily lives. Our duffel withstood testing atop mountain peaks throughout the Cascade Range, and from our elite military heroes who love our choice to maintain the iconic silhouette, familiar snap hook closure system and mil-spec hardware.

In some cases, our testers brought gear to the most extreme places. Discover more notes and shots from our material durability testing at Mt Everest Base Camp.


Testing isn’t just about durability though, we must ensure that all features function as we imagined and that they are convenient and easy to use. A lot of moving parts must come together as one for a great product and finally, it of course must look cool.

Our vision was to include enough elements in our redesign to provide a lifetime of reliability and usefulness. We hope you’ll check it out— The Dave Duffel. Join us to learn about design developments and new product concepts as they roll out of our Design Lab.

Please share your ideas, we would love to hear them!

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