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We Salute Our Fans

We reimagined the designer duffel, while paying homage to our military heritage. It keeps what works from the original army duffel, reimagined for modern times. Its tactical fabric, durability and adventurous style attracted Naval Aviator, Marty, US Navy F18 Fighter
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Mud Mountain Melee

We are proud sponsors of the 8th Annual Mud Mountain Melee in Enumclaw, Washington! This awesome event is created by The Plateau Running Club, headquartered in Enumclaw, on the plateau at the base of Mt. Rainier. Runners of all levels
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Design Lab: Army Duffel Redux

AMABILIS DESIGN LAB uncovers the apparel and gear that are candidates to become your next daily go-to items. We examine every nuance of a product, test it, redesign it, iterate for months and sometimes even years until it passes our strict standards
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Holding up to the Mt Everest Marathon!

My wife and daughter (Taryn) had decided to head across the world on a once in a lifetime adventure…to run the highest altitude marathon in the world…Mt Everest Marathon. the race begins at Everest Basecamp (17,500′) and follows rugged rocky
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