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The intention is to create products with purpose and forethought; pay homage to the Pacific Northwest and ensure quality control and care with every piece; and consider the aesthetics meticulously so that the results are not just handsome, but memorable. Not to make them merely “good”, but make them “great”! AMABILIS’ mission is just that: to endure and remain ever present throughout the escapades and memories that you – friend and supporter – create. We at AMABILIS wish to be a catalyst which guides from a daily routine to an epic adventure. To support the former and encourage the latter. AMABILIS wants to champion you through your many triumphs because, like us, you thrive on performance.

Our Ambassador Program was created to further strengthen and grow the connection between AMABILIS and those wanting functionally distinct apparel and gear to wear and use while navigating urban lifestyle and seeking adventures beyond. Our Ambassadors will spread the good word of our products to a growing community of enthusiasts from many different user groups across the globe. We have no pre-determined profile for an Ambassador, they come in all shapes and sizes, with different interests and pursuits and from different cultures and places. There is however one universal trait common to all our Ambassadors: They share a deep passion for super cool apparel and gear, spend time traveling in wild places, live life and are incredibly enthusiastic about sharing their experiences , knowledge and love of urban lifestyle and outdoor adventures.



AMABILIS Ambassadors have access to a wide range of benefits which include:

• Insider Pro Deal: A special discount just for you, good for 30% off MSRP on all AMABILIS brand products. This discount will be linked to your personal account and is ONLY for your own personal gear. The Pro Deal is only in effect for the time in which you are a AMABILIS Ambassador. Pro Deal recipients are not eligible to participate in other promotions, discounts, specials and free shipping when using your Pro Deal pricing.

• Your starter kit will get you going with a duffel, tees, a hoody, hat and more!

• Friends and Family Discount: You will receive a coupon code that you may give out to friends, family and other individuals interested in purchasing AMABILIS brand products, good for 10% off MSRP.

• Free promotional materials for any Ambassador sponsored event, talk, demo or publications.

• Early access to and an open invitation for feedback on prototypes and new products.

• Personalized bio on the AMABILIS website.

Ambassadors are expected to use AMABILIS products whenever possible while traveling, commuting or recreating. You do not have to use AMABILIS products exclusively, but our goal is for our Ambassadors to be enthusiastic and visible representatives of our products and brand. We want others to see our products in use and to be able to approach our Ambassadors with questions and to receive honest and useful information about AMABILIS products.

Ambassadors are expected to provide product testimonials, reviews, photographs and trip reports for use in AMABILIS newsletters, blog and social media channels. We expect our Ambassadors when using or wearing our products, to represent our brand in a professional manner and to refrain from profanity, anything illegal, sexually overt, political or religious.

Ambassadors are expected to post and share information, pictures and videos on their own social channels as well as others.

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